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Materials and Finishes

Most of our products are produced in polyester resin although we also manufacture and make electroplating another type of materials no-conductors like glass, wood, acrylic, polyurethane, other plastics, leather, terracotta, other resins and polymers, etc… as well as conductive materials as brass, iron and steel, zamak, etc…

In either case, we offer many different finishes:

  • bronze
  • bright bronze
  • english bronze
  • decorated bronze
  • white bronze
  • shiny copper
  • old copper
  • golden
  • patinated golden
  • green oxide
  • iron oxide
  • bright nickel
  • patinated nickel
  • nickel oxide
  • decorated nickel
  • shiny silver
  • patinated silver
  • silver oxide
  • decorated oxide
  • bright gold

Some of these finishes can be combined in the same piece getting artistic contrasts.

In the majority of cases the final decorative finishes are completely handcrafted and are protected with a varnish.