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Reproductions in Resin

Custom-making of all kinds of gift items and decor in resin, finished in metal with decorative finishes in different presentations. Our comprehensive service facilitates the completely finished product, with the possibility of presentation in stand. He is the reproduction of a same original limited series, keeping the intellectual property of the artist and the custody of the molds.

They are manufactured all types of reproductions and replicas detailed sculptures, objects, parts, decoration figurines, plates with high relief, trophies, sculptures with logos, logos, gifts of reminder, specific reasons, anniversaries, tributes, weddings, etc… as well as busts of personalities, emblematic buildings, important facades, bridges, towers, religious images, animals and pets, classical and modern sculpture, corporate logos, etc…

In the case of articles of resin, once carried out the design and the creation of the piece, sculpture or original figure in three dimensions to scale, on any type of material (terracote, metal, plastic, resin,…) based on the idea that you want to represent and reproduce, are manufacturing the same silicone mould.
And then manufactured reproductions in polyester resin mixed with an inorganic load into fine powder through wash in cold. Chemical metallization applies to these reproductions of resin then proceed to the coating electrolytic with the use of different metallic baths of bronze, copper, nickel, silver, etc…
In the majority of cases the final decorative finishes are completely handcrafted and are protected with a varnish.

Finally, when this is the case, proceed to the assembly and presentation of the part already finished by flocking or using different models and styles of furniture options (wood, alabaster, marble, etc) and appropriate packaging. All these stages are not always made in a same job since sometimes working together with the client or other provider so we adapt ourselves always, as far as possible, to the real needs of each client.