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What We Do

We are a family and industrial society that is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of gift and decor items, souvenirs, jewellery, etc…, combining art and technology, based on metallic finishes.

The most important thing for our clients is creativity and personalization in designs, finishes and styles to achieve excellent quality and detail.

Our comprehensive service facilitates customers a product completely finish with choices in accessories, furniture, packaging, etc… with a value for money very competitive.

Also benefit clients of the uniqueness of their products through reproduction in series of collections of his property in limited series.

We make custom made the manufacture of all kinds of items of decoration, gift, jewelry, etc… aimed at getting his promotion and advertising.

Materials and Finishes

Most of our products are produced in polyester resin although we also manufacture and metallize another type of materials not conductors like glass, wood, methacrylate, polyurethane and other plastics, leather, etc… as well as conductive materials such as steel, zinc alloy, brass, etc…

We offer, in any cases, different finishes in bronze, oxides, patinas, old copper, golded, nickel, silver, gold, etc…

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Manufacture of reproductions in polyester resin

They are manufactured all types of reproductions and replicas detailed sculptures, objects, parts, decoration figurines, plates with high relief, trophies, sculptures with logos, logos, gifts of reminder, specific reasons, anniversaries, tributes, weddings, etc… as well as busts of personalities, emblematic buildings, important facades, bridges, towers, religious images, animals and pets, classical and modern sculpture, corporate logos, etc…

All our products are finished in metal by metal electroplating coatings and decorative finishes, with different presentations, using adapted industrial techniques and other crafts.

Metalizado Químico y Electrolítico
Metal electroless and metal electroplating

Our main industrial activity is focused on the utilization of metal electroplating, developing various physical and chemical electroplating processes for applying a coating electrolytic metal on the material basis, in addition to various craft techniques that provide artistic value.

The objective of this activity is to get quality items and decorative presence.
The metal electroless is performed through proprietary technology processes and can be applied to almost any type of material being necessary to achieve further metal electroplating coating and the desired metallic finishes.

Is can be metallized all kinds of parts in polyester resin and also many other types of materials, such as objects and memories, baby shoes, pacifiers, glass cups, plastic flowers, cutlery, soffits, metopes and wooden frames, golf balls, containers of hollow glass, all with completely proprietary technology, perfume bottles and liquor bottles, plastic jewellery, models of polyamides, etc… and any other object that you want to.

Restoration of parts and products different materials, antiques

We carry out the restoration of all kinds of ornament and decoration objects, religious items, lamps, candlesticks, trays, vehicle accessories, etc… in different materials and different finishes, using surface treatments, degreasing, cleaning, polished, golded, bronze baths, aged, baths of silver and gold.