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Who We Are

Our industrial activity started in 1.994, being integrated by a single natural person and as a result of the accumulated experience of many years in the subsector of the metal electroplating and coating electrolytic and related (Galvano, 1.978 / AREMESA, 1.982 / J.J.L., 1.987).

This activity focused exclusively on the electroforming of different industrial pieces for gift and jewelry and was subsequently extended to cover metal decoration of manufactured parts in polyester resin with different inorganic fillers.

Due to requirements of the market and our clients, this activity had to expand soon, in two basic concepts:

– development and innovation of new products and finishes and
– the need to expand production to what was strictly the electroforming.

Due to the growth of the society, and to articulate the utilization of this development, a project of I+D+I very well seen by the European Centre of enterprise and innovation of Aragon (CEEIARAGON), under the umbrella of the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (I.A.F.) of the Diputación General de Aragón, gives our society award IDEA is done in 1.997.

Subsequently, in the year 1.999, expands the activity to respond to the demand for comprehensive manufacturing service and improve the development of the commercial activity of the manufactured products and their distribution.

After more than five years of collaboration in the CEEIARAGON of Zaragoza, in the summer of 2.003 our facilities are transferred to the current location in Cadrete (Zaragoza), where a strong investment of adaptation and modernization is carried out.

a primary strategic objetive:
metallized any non-conductive material

Currently manufacturing ranges from the order by the customer, in a given article until delivery of the same perfectly finished and ready to go to market.

The concept of innovation has always gone to our development to be able to offer products and new finishes to the gift and decoration market. In this dynamic, we set ourselves a prime strategic objective: to metallize any type of non-conductive material in a way that is safe, reliable and viable economically, with the same decorative metal finishes that we offer to the market for polyester resin. And this process is already a reality for several years.